So, if you read my posts much earlier in my blogging career, you already know I have previously gone on healthy eating streaks…

I decide I feel bad and want to lose weight. I want to get rid of my little pudge. I want to be back to my highschool weight.

So, I embark on a journey…

But, typically a few days in I decide that I just can’t do it anymore…

I hate the recipes, the meal prep takes too long – whatever my excuse might be for that time.

Anyways – my husband and I recently went keto for two weeks prior to vacation, just meaning that we focused on little to no sugar (unless it was natural such as in fruit) which also translates into low carb and low calories.

However, once we went on vacation and then returned we didn’t really get back on the bangwagon.

So, we decided it was time to get a check-up and what do you know?

The doctor suggested losing weight. Specifically, he said cut the sodium – we were probably eating about 3-4 times our daily limit…and guess what? You most likely are, too.

So, now we have embarked on a new journey and we call it our “low-everything lifestyle.”

Low carb, low cal, low sodium, low sugar.

We are a few days in and so far I feel great!

So, once again, we will see how this one goes…

But, I am feeling more determined than ever!

Stay tuned – I will post some of our favorite recipes plus their nutrition facts!



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