This morning, I woke up just like any other day. My alarm went off at 5:30, I was feeling extra exhausted {despite going to bed at a decent time} so I decided I would grant myself a little extra time this morning…

5:55 rolled around and I knew I had no other choice but to get up and get my day started. My husband and I have recently transitioned to starting our work day around 6:30 so that we can be done no later than 4:00, which is nice but mornings can be rough considering neither of us are morning people. 

{All yesterday and mostly last night I just felt off…like a slight feeling of depression and anxiety. This is rare for me as I am not usually an anxious person. I am high-strung, but I don’t often experience true anxiety or depression. But, nonetheless, occassionally I will get in a rut}

Anyhow, when I woke up this morning it was no different.

You know – when you just feel off? You aren’t sure why but you just feel like there is something wrong…

I still don’t know what it is, but when I woke up, seeing as I work from home, I had already decided after I dropped my husband off at work I would come right back home and take an hour nap and just restart my day in hopes that would help.

But….as I drove back from dropping him off I began pondering…

Am I really that tired? Will going back to sleep with wet hair for an hour and then not only failing to get ready but taking an hour out of my work day really make me feel any better?

Probably not. 

I began to consider that maybe the reason I was feeling so tired and out of it was indeed because of the depression and anxiety I was experiencing.

So, as I arrived home I seriously debated with myself…

Take a nap or get to work?

But, then I realized neither of those included getting ready for the day. {I was still in yoga pants and a tshirt with wet hair at this point}

So, since I had already been debating taking a nap which takes at least an hour out of my day, I decided to turn that around.

As bad as I wanted to sleep, I knew that isn’t what I needed. 

I went into the bathroom and got ready and immediately felt slightly better. 

Then, I debated with myself…stay in my yoga pants or get dressed. 

So, I took it a step further and put on my favorite skinnies and an adorable graphic tee that I love. 

I went to the table and sat down with my coffee and started my day…

So, while I still feel slightly anxious and depressed – I’m human and it happens – I do feel much better knowing that I didn’t let the lethargy that the depression was causing overcome me. I chose to be powerful and be stronger than that feeling that was gripping me. 

So, my advice for you is this, next time you feel depressed, anxious, or a combination of both, consider this…

Choose to do the opposite of how you feel.

Do you feel like just sleeping the day away? Don’t.

Do you feel like spending the day pitying yourself and thinking about everything that has gone wrong? Don’t.

Instead, choose to do the opposite. 

Feel like sleeping? Get active. Make a difference. Force yourself to be productive. 

Feel like pitying yourself and thinking about what has gone wrong? Make a list of everything you are thankful for. Make a plan for how you can change the things you don’t like.

You are in control of your story. 



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