Why guinea pigs make the best pets.

Okay – so I may not be a dog momma, but I am a pig momma. A guinea pig momma. Originally, we bought one because she was super cute, our apartment wouldn’t allow dogs and we thought she would be super simple to take care of. Basically, a great starter pet because I was having pet fever. Ha!

We found a PRECIOUS little brown and white guinea pig at PetSmart and snatched her right up. So small and cute, with her baby pink nose and paws, we named her Arleigh.

Well, then we discovered that guinea pigs like to be kept in groups, rather than alone. So, that meant after only having her for one day, we decided she needed a friend.

Apparently, you should keep them with the same gender, to avoid babies, and therefore each PetSmart store is either a female carrier or a male carrier – they won’t carry both genders in the same store as it can be hard to tell them apart. Unfortunately, our store was now out of guinea pigs as we had bought the last one and the next closest store (45 minutes away) only carried males.

So, we found a local pet shop and along came Daphnea. Our little brown, black and white LOUD baby. She has been squeaking since the second we brought her home.

Here we are a little over a year later, they have made the journey with us to California and survived it all. I seriously love these little sweeties more than ever!

So, despite the fact that they have been brats all day long, I will still write a post about why they still make some of the best pets. {Just FYI – this is in no specific order, No. 1 is not any better of a reason than No.3, it is just the order I came up with them}

  1. They have so much personality. Yall, I thought they would be so quiet and boring. WRONG. These little boogers will talk to you all day and night. Daphnea is very loud, loves to eat, will be the first to let you know when she is out of food and cries at bedtime because she is scared of the dark. Arleigh, on the other hand, stays pretty quiet, but if Daphnea gets going she will chime in. Seriously – they will start to squeak from the time their bowl is empty until you fill it again. They know the sound of the door to the closet we keep their food in, and if you open it, they will start squeaking just begging for food!
  2. They are super cuddly. This isn’t a 24/7 thing because they do enjoy playing, but once they get comfy they will cuddle for hours. They love blankets, so grab your fuzzy blanket and snuggle them up against your skin – you’ll have a warm, cuddly, knocked out piggie in NO TIME.
  3. They are super low-maintenance. They live in a cage for crying out loud. You clean it once a week and you’re basically done. Aside from re-filling their food and water when it is out, you don’t have to do much else. You don’t have to worry about them running around the house and pooping in a corner, like a dog.
  4. They are kind of like a cat. We bathe ours periodically, just to get them good and clean and it is good for their skin {only to use their special rehydrating shampoo thouhg}. But, they clean themselves. Sometimes, they even clip their own nails. It’s pretty impressive.
  5. They love other piggies. We introduced ours to each other at only a few weeks old. Of course, they didn’t love each other at first and they still argue every once in awhile, but for the most part they love the companionship. They have a little upstairs section to their cage, providing a little tunnel underneath. That is basically their bedroom – they rarely use the bathroom in there, and always sleep in there. Regularly, you can look in there and see them snuggled up together taking a nap.

So, if you are looking for a new pet and aren’t sure what to get – consider getting a guinea pig!

Here is a picture of our two sweet peas:



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