Come here, give me a hug. The importance of physical contact.

Have you ever had one of those days? It was just a terrible day or even week. Or, maybe you aren’t quite sure what went wrong but you just feel down.

But, then you hug someone you love – your mom, dad, grandparent, significant other, or sibling. You can literally feel the tension leave your body. It is like your soul literally takes a breath of fresh air.

Human touch is powerful. It is also vital to our overall well-being.

Did you know that we actually require a certain amount of physical contact? You physically need to be hugged, to cuddle, to hold hands or even just receive a pat on the back. Your body and mind actually crave it – like water or food.

So, don’t keep your hands to yourself.

Recently, in one of my courses, we discussed touch therapy that is often used for elderly adults. Once they have been placed in a nursing home and no longer have a companion, they lose the luxury of being touched. Sure, they have a nurse help them out of bed or hold their arm while walking down the hall – but, that isn’t the same.

There is a difference in touch performed for the purpose of basic necessities and just a loving touch, such as a hug.

So, next time you feel like you just need a hug – you aren’t crazy. There is a reason you feel that way. Or, if you feel like something is off, you just can’t seem to get in a good mood, try cuddling with someone you love.

Physical contact is good for the soul, brain, mind and body.

Also, next time you go see your elderly family member, remember they need touch, too. Just simply holding their hand while you talk to them could greatly benefit them.



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