#FashionFriday: FreePeople

Woah! #FashionFriday almost got away from me. Friday already?! How can that be? I guess it has just been a crazy busy week, which is good, but I almost forgot today was even Friday! 

Anyways, typically, I am trying to focus #FashionFriday on smaller businesses. But, this week, I had a recent purchase that just had to be featured.

So, next month, my husband and I are going on our belated honeymoon/joint birthday trips/my college graduation trip to VEGAS! Woohoo! But, that means I need basically an entirely new wardrobe. Last weekend we decided to hit up FreePeople. I love their clothing, but I don’t typically shop there because they can be a little pricey and sometimes they are just too hippy for my style. Example: we saw a dress that literally looked like your dad’s old t-shirt with the sleeves cut off and half of it dipped in bleach – approx. $150. No thanks. 

But, my hubby grabbed this super cute planet tank that I just couldn’t resist! It has a planet on the front and an open back (but with another layer of fabric underneath to cover your skin) it is super light and thin, so perfect for summer. Check it out! 

Only $48! It is slightly edgy, but not too crazy. I also grabbed two super comfy, loose fitting v-necks! Great shopping day for sure.

Next week preview: I have some items on the way from a small, family-owned boutique in Texas…..stay tuned to find out what it is!! 


Happy shopping.♥


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