Ever just have OOTD (one of those days, for anyone who doesn’t understand the lingo).

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{Photo cred: ootdmagazine.com}

Monday’s seem to always be OOTD for so many of us. The weekend is over, the hustle and bustle has only began and we aren’t excited about what’s waiting for us at the office. 

Since I’ve started working from home, Monday’s aren’t that bad. But, I do still have OOTD sometimes. The ones where I just can’t get motivated. Where I am just inevitably tired and can’t focus no matter how hard I try. 

But – you can change that. 

  • JAM OUT. Rather it is while you get ready in the morning or while you’re driving down the road – pick out a great song and just jam out. It’s impossible to be in a bad mood when you can’t even stop laughing at your rockstar skills. 
  • If you’re a little further in the day, pause and make a list. Ignore what “you could have done” earlier in the day and make a realistic list of what you CAN do with the rest of your day. Maximize your productivity and show yourself that the entire day isn’t wasted. 
  • Remember, there is always tomorrow to try again. 

If you’re having OOTD, try turning it around!

What ways have you found to beat OOTD? 

Comment below!


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