I’m going to take a ride on a big jet plane.

So, apparently today is a two-poster day {a day where I post two blog posts in one day}

I guess I’m either really in my feels or really into my writing right now. Either way – neither is negative, right?

Anyways – next week, my husband and I are going HOME. What an amazing feeling it is to say that we are taking a trip HOME. While California is technically our home now, it hasn’t always been. In fact, we are just now coming up on our one year anniversary of this being home.

Home home, though, is Arkansas. Where the grass is green, the sun is hot and the sweet tea is SWEET. 

One thing I never thought I would say is that we actually took Arkansas for granted. We had lived there our entire lives and we were just so bored. While I am still not ready to permanently move back, I am starting to realize that I do miss our small southern town every once in awhile.

What do I love most about home?

  • The green, green grass. There is nothing more beautiful and more calming than just green, lush grass literally as far as you can see. It gets cool on a summer night, and when you walk through it barefoot, it just sends chills down your spine. Bonus: it also smells great when it has just been cut. 
  • Cheese dip. Okay – this legitimately hurt my feelings when we came to California and I found out there was no cheese dip. As an Arkansasan, this is a staple in our diet. {As is sweet tea, of course} But, I did not realize it was only a tex-mex thing, which apparently only exists in Arkansas and Texas. They don’t even know what we are talking about when we ask. 
  • The “traffic.” Or the lack thereof. Sitting in standstill traffic, being cut off and having to use your horn every five seconds is just everyday life driving through California. And not to mention, everyone here is always in the biggest hurry. You can be going 20+ the speed limit – you’re still getting run over! What I wouldn’t give to have five cars in front of me and that be considered “traffic” again. Need to go 15 minutes down the road in California? Leave an hour early. 
  • The sweet tea. Oh the sweet tea. The truth hurts, let me tell ya. The only sweet tea you’re getting around here is McDonald’s. But, oh is it ever so good. Sweet tea doesn’t exist on the west coast – except for in chains.
  • That sweet, southern charm. You don’t talk to strangers here. And while sometimes it is nice not talking to literally everyone I pass, it is kind of awkward when I just smile at someone to be nice {because that’s what we do in the south} and they look at me like I’m the devil. Like okay – I am not going to try to talk to you or ask you for money. Just trying to be friendly and brighten your day. Rude. 
  • All the cornbread and fried food that your little heart desires. Just like that southern charm, there is just something about that southern cooking that will just warm your heart. When the grandparents are making skillet cornbread, or dad is firing up the grill. My mouth waters as I type this. There is just something about some good ole, down home, southern cooking. You always go to bed with your belly full, I can tell ya that.
  • The most beautiful trees you ever did see. Aside from the luscious grass, the landscape overall in Arkansas is just incredible. Mountains, hills, beautiful trees. The entire atmosphere is just so serene. You could literally just melt away in nature.


I could probably go on for days about the things that I love {and miss} about home. But, I am also incredibly lucky to live where I do – the beach is kind of my thing and being able to just go walk on it whenever I want is just incredible.

What do you love most about where you live?



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