{So, just a little background to make this blog post make sense.}

I am currently a full time-student. In the midst of school, I have also been working full-time (and then some) and discovered my passion for freelance writing.

I always knew that I loved to write, and I especially found this passion to be an ever burning fire inside of me when I switched my major to public relations and began writing for my university newspaper.

So, since then, I have done some freelance writing just here and there.

A few months ago {okay, about six months ago}, I found out that I could actually make more than a few bucks here and there off of my freelancing. 

This became my new goal. I was going to make my self a self-employed writer.

I set out on this journey in November, and while it has been a few months in the works, I was recently able to leave my full-time job.

I did this for my sanity, because I need to finish school. Taking 18 hours and working 40+ just wasn’t feasible. 

So, now, I do my school and work from home as a freelance writer part-time. 

My work has been consistently picking up, and this week, I booked my biggest project to date. {happy dance :)}

By biggest project to date, I mean my highest paid but with high pay also comes some extra work. 

Ya’ll, this is a 10,000-word article. Like I said, big money too, hints as to why I would accept such a task.

But…the struggle is REAL, ya’ll.

I have written many high school and college level papers, and I don’t think that I have EVER reached the 10,000-word mark.

This project is due in T-48 hours. I have had other projects of higher importance, so I am just now starting this one. 

I just sat down to my computer and all I can think about is I wish I could turn that stupid word counter off on Microsoft Word {remember, I am a writer, not necessarily a computer genius}. 

I am looking at this blank document that just keeps asking me, “So, what are you going to do now? When are you going to start writing something?”

Full blown writer’s block has kicked in. While the topic and outline was provided to me, I just simply can’t push myself over the hump to get started. 

So, here I am. Blogging.

Let me just say – the struggle is REAL, ya’ll.

Happy writing! I am off to tackle this job.

XoXo, Olivia♥


P.S. Does anyone know how to make your word count not show at the bottom of your word document? Please comment below if so! 


2 thoughts on “The struggle is REAL, ya’ll.

  1. You got this!!! Go for a little walk to clear your mind, maybe that will help you get the writing juices flowing 🙂 as for turning off word count:

    1. Right click on the status bar on the bottom (where the word count is located)
    2. Uncheck the word count option

    Happy writing 🙂

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