I’ve been “eating clean” for one day and I already want quit.

We see it everywhere, we hear about it everywhere, all of the products being sold by network marketers is geared around it…..the dreaded topic of weight loss and eating clean.

We see those Hollywood stars with the perfect body, and you just know that they have a personal trainer and a chef who can actually make a salad taste good. We go to a fitness coach and ask what we need to do to get rid of our belly and their answer is eat better. We see all of those supplements that are supposed to support a healthier lifestyle.

So, if eating healthy is so good for you, then why is it so hard? Shouldn’t something that fuels your body taste good? Shouldn’t eating clean be the easiest thing you have ever done if that is really what your body wants? Wrong.

Unless, in the rare event that you were raised on all organic, non-GMO (even though I disagree that this should be an issue) foods with no refined sugar, then you probably don’t sustain that natural hate for unhealthy foods. Yes, that is actually a thing!

This has actually been broken down and believe it or not, it is a science. Food producers have discovered how to make food pleasurable and how to make it trigger our brain, making us want to keep eating it.

Personally, this is something I struggle with every single day. As a self-proclaimed foodie and traveler (at heart), I love a good meal. I thoroughly enjoy trying something new and eating something that is just so good you can’t put your fork down. However, I have set out to eat better for at least the next 28 days.

Here are my baby steps on how to transition from unhealthy eating to totally clean eating:

  • Baby steps. If you are like me and eat whatever you want, whenever you want, eating clean will be difficult. Start with baby steps. Try making your portions smaller. Try adding in extra veggies and less meat. It is all about easing yourself into your new lifestyle.
  • Find alternatives. This is huge. Health fanatics are always finding alternatives that they can eat. But what about those of us stuck in the middle? If I allow myself to only eat the most bare, healthy and clean items I can find then my diet will last maybe a total of one meal. But I will be eating an unhealthy snack immediately after. Find a happy medium. For example, last night I had to eat chicken and veggies. But, I grilled the chicken for extra flavor and added homemade salsa on top. The homemade salsa has low calories and I know what ingredients are in it – making it a more clean item.
  • Find things to do that do not involve food. When you are thinking about a date night or an afternoon activity, find something that doesn’t involve going out to eat. Maybe wake up and eat a healthy breakfast, then make your afternoon activity a trip to the zoo or a hike.


Especially for unhealthy people like me, it is all about balance. Find your happy medium and take baby steps from there.


5 thoughts on “I’ve been “eating clean” for one day and I already want quit.

  1. Walden Farms have amazing sugar free sauces!! I am on your level when it comes to always eating what I want, when I want… However, I started a program about 8 weeks ago where I have to pretty well cut out all sugars (sigh). Walden Farms BBQ sauce saved. my. life. I put it on everything!! It’s great with ground turkey mixed with veggies, or just as a regular BBQ sauce. They also have maple syrups and chocolate sauce. I pick mine up at a local supplement store! Sorry for the long comment, but I hope this helps 🙂

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    1. This sounds amazing!! 🙂 Thanks for the comment! I will definitely have to check that out! It really comes down to flavoring your meat. It can get pretty boring with just salt and pepper.


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