As the first post of many, I would like to use this to give an introduction of myself as a writer and an introduction of this blog as a whole.

I am currently finishing up my Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication Studies. I am a freelance writer and blogger. I am an avid foodie and a writing enthusiast. I am starting this blog to pursue my goals and aspirations of being my own boss as I am pursuing writing as a career. I am also starting this blog as a way to better myself as a writer.

This blog is geared towards life in general. Life as a female. Life as a wife. Life as a student. Life as a millennial – and much more.

I have titled this blog page Climb.Your.Vine. This is something that stuck out to me, as I am somewhat of a sap. I am intrigued by things that are inspiring, things that have double meanings or things that have hidden meanings. I am definitely one of those girls who loves to watch a sweet, too good to be true Hallmark movie with a glass of wine on the weekends.

The meaning behind Climb.Your.Vine is this journey of life. If you think about it, vines grow and grow. They are continuously growing and changing with their surroundings. Vines will adapt and grow according to their surroundings. We as humans do this as well. Vines will grow along a building or tall structure, if available, but if not, they will grow on their own just to a different degree.

We do this too. We adapt. We learn and grow and change.

This blog is a page that will be filled with many topics. I aspire to write posts that provide readers with life through my eyes. We could all use a little dose of each other’s reality. I aspire to make this blog fun, inspirational, spunky and intriguing.

I hope you enjoy.


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